Food Cycle

Bristol, UK

The Bristol office commits to charity, Food Cycle.

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As LHi Bristol we are proud to be supporting Food Cycle in 2021 as part of our CSR. Food Cycle is a national charity that uses surplus food, volunteers, and unused cooking space to develop communities. 

They prepare excellent three-course meals for vulnerable people across the UK and are united by the simple principle that food waste and hunger should never coexist. Their mission is to save food surpluses, combat food insecurity, and prevent loneliness. 

In 2020, Food Cycle saved 359 tonnes of food and handed out 775, 644 meals. You can learn more about their impact on their website, https://www.foodcycle.org.uk/. 

We will be keeping you updated on the work our LHi Bristol team will do in partnership with Food Cycle. You can get involved by becoming a volunteer or by donating.