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Weitblick-Jugendhilfe e.V.

Munich, DE

The Munich office commits to charity, Weitblick-Jugendhilfe e.V.

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We are so proud to be supporting Weitblick-Jugendhilfe e.V.  

Weitblick-Jugendhilfe e.V gives young people the opportunity to learn and experience new strategies for action beyond crime, drug use and stressful family situations.  

They offer great programs such as Remedial Residential Groups, which enables young people to catch up on development deficits, make corrective experiences and try out and develop new behaviours. 

Weitblick-Jugendhilfe e.V provides professional training to children and young people who cannot go to school, have had to leave school (exclusion from school), who are still unsure of what they want to do for a living, in transition from school to work, and those who have little sense of achievement. 

To ensure that this organisation carries out the work they do our Munich office will be raising funds for Weitblick-Jugendhilfe e.V throughout 2021.  

Visit Weitblick-Jugendhilfe e.V's website for more information on the work they do with young people.