YES - Youth Emerging Stronger

Los Angeles, CA

The Los Angeles office commits to charity, Youth Emerging Stronger.

Yes 2

Our LA office has chosen YES - Youth Emerging Stronger as their financial charity for 2021.  

YES  is a youth homeless shelter in Los Angeles that provides youth services, a transitional living program, youth housing, food, shelter. 

They run residential programs which offer intervention, ensuring youth are off the streets, free from abuse and working towards engaged and self-sufficient adulthoods. They also provide long-term aftercare to protect against future victimization, incarceration and homelessness. 

YES serves the youth of all races, ethnicities, genders and religions. They affirm and welcome LGBTQ youth and any youth with a history of sexual exploitation. 

We'll organize fundraising activities and donate the proceeds to YES. 

Visit their website to see their impact over the last 35 years and get involved.