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Sabadell Financial Center, 1111 Brickell Ave, Miami, Fl 33031

From brainstorming sessions to beachside meetings, our Miami office brings a whole new meaning to 'working with a view'!

Skyline of Miami
Palm trees in Miami

Where We Eat

In the heart of Downtown Miami, our office likes to embark on epic culinary adventures! We've got a taste for adventure and a passion for delicious eats. From sizzling Cuban sandwiches at a local food truck to fancy rooftop sushi with a view that's out of this world, our taste buds are always in for a wild ride. It's like a foodie safari every lunchtime, where we explore the diverse flavors of this vibrant city.

Our office knows how to add a splash of fun to our workweek, and when it's time to unwind, we've got a secret spot in downtown Miami that's our go-to oasis. Nestled amidst the neon lights and bustling streets, you'll find us at "Kaona Room". It's the perfect blend of chill vibes and tropical flair, with tiki torches and palm fronds that transport us to an instant vacation mode.

In Our Spare Time

You'll find sun worshippers basking on the beautiful beaches, sipping mojitos and perfecting their tan lines. Others groove to the infectious rhythms of salsa and reggaeton, turning any available space into a spontaneous dance floor. Foodies embark on culinary adventures, exploring the diverse flavors of Cuban, Haitian, and Caribbean cuisine at every corner. Art enthusiasts immerse themselves in the colorful world of Wynwood Walls, while adventure seekers race jet skis across the shimmering waters of Biscayne Bay. In Miami, there's always something exciting brewing, and the pursuit of fun knows no bounds in this tropical paradise.