Santa Monica

520 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401, USA
+1 424 835 5912

I watch the sunset from the pier with my friends on Friday night and meet them at the beach the next morning for a surf… I never thought my life could be like this


Get to know us

Santa Monica is our newest office, launched in April 2017. This area of the West Coast is being described as ‘silicon beach’ with more and more tech start-ups migrating to Santa Monica for a taste of Californian beach life! Want to know what it’s like to work (and surf) here? Check out LHi Santa Monica…

Where We Eat

We love stopping for a burger at Big Deans Oceanfront Café. After hiring bikes and enjoying a cycle along the beach, it’s the perfect place to park up and chill out!

The Chestnut Club

We love this craft cocktail bar on a Friday night. You will always find the team here celebrating a great week with our personal favourite, a round of Dark and Stormys!

In Our Spare Time

What do we do in our spare time? We hit the beach of course! Santa Monica has some amazing beaches and we spend a lot of our ​weekends surfing, swimming, playing volleyball and enjoying the beautiful surroundings. The pier is a great place to meet friends and watch the sunset after a chilled out dinner. For retail therapy, the shopping in Venice Beach is amazing. There’s so much to do here, you’re never bored.

 +1 424 835 5912

520 Broadway, Santa Monica

CA 90401



Santa Monica in Stats


Santa Monica has over 300 days of sunshine annually


Pacific Park’s nine-story Pacific Wheel is the world’s first and only solar powered ferris wheel


Recently, a wave of tech and Internet start-ups have rolled into town, earning Santa Monica the nickname of ‘Silicon Beach’