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The group began with a single UK brand in 2002 and has grown in to a collective of established brands in multiple international offices. Our strategy for growth is clear. We are focused on opening more offices globally and the further expansion of all our brands on an international scale.

Thanks to our robust operational centre we are perfectly positioned to deliver solutions to businesses across the world in addition to having the freedom and flexibility to launch our brands globally wherever there is a business need.  

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Our Founder Tom Glanfield started this enterprise with little more than a graduate loan and a dream. His innovative methods at inception meant he grew his one man business in to LHi as it stands today with over 100 staff in multiple locations.

Innovation is one of the biggest attributes that LHi delivers across all our brands.

We have the latest technology and newest recruitment tools on the market to support our consultants achieve their business goals. Our internal motto is 'choose to be different', we are often the first to implement new technology, practices and methods and find ourselves always being the leader whilst our competitors follow. We are committed to always leading from the front and never becoming a follower.

With monthly innovation meetings with the whole business and an open door policy, our staff can see their ideas directly impacting the business as they see their visions being implemented in to their brands. They choose to be different and we support them.

From testing new technology to opening new brands - we have the ambition and drive to take risks and be adventurous, we do things everyone else just talks about.


With LHi, we have bought together our specialist brands, Lawrence Harvey, SciPro, Harper Harrison, Piper Maddox & XPS under one roof creating a collective of niche specialists focused on service delivery and a shared global strategy.

Our people are our most important asset and we do everything we can to develop and support them. Through international travel, shared incentives, benefits, training and collective celebrations we promote a unique and invaluable inclusive culture.  

We are a diverse bunch. Our differences in culture, experience and personalities make a phenomenal team.

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