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What Sort Of Leader Am I?

Posted by on 8/11/2016


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For those that are recently embarking on LHi’s Leadership Programme these are the questions that will have been playing on their minds for the past few weeks.

To be able to answer these questions, I believe a real leader needs to understand in detail what underpins their personality. What are their insights?

How do we do this? Well, at LHi we use 'insight profiling' which we see as a key stage in our leadership development program at LHi. It is hopefully the first of many "penny drop" moments that our emerging leaders go through on their 6 month journey of development. This stage really throws up ideas and challenges, as through insight profiling, you are able to get, not just a real idea of your own make up and leadership preference, but you also start to discover the most effective ways of communicating with others dependent on their make up. Very often this allows you to understand why you have always struggled to communicate with certain types of people and more often than not by changing your approach or framing it in a certain way, you can unlock these tricky relationships far more easily.

Managing teams in recruitment is always a colourful affair as teams are often made up of a variance of different personalities and mindsets. Too often is the case that the manager tries to manage these differing sets of individual with one broad brush method, often leading to a lot of de-motivated recruiters… which we all know means one thing and on thing only - trouble!

This perhaps isn’t the forum to go into more detail around how the insights work but if you want a little more detail you can find it here (www.insights.com)

What is fantastic to see is that on the sales floor now at LHi you can see our emerging leaders putting these newly acquired tools and skills into play with both our staff and our customers. This helps them understand and support their relationships to a greater degree in order to further improve workplace happiness and ultimately sales performance.

I for one am looking forward to seeing what our second session brings next month!