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A day in the life of a Graduate Recruitment Consultant at LHi

Posted by on 15/06/2017


Francis Edit


"LHi Group is certainly one of the UK’s most exciting companies of the moment."

Since launching our Group company, LHi Group Ltd, we were listed 8th in the Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies To Work For and our CEO, Tom Glanfield, was awarded The Entrepreneur of the year at the Recruitment International Awards – for the 2nd year running!  We are also the first ever recruitment company to win a National Training Award. We have a ‘Google-esque’ headquarters in the heart of the City of London with international offices including New York, Santa Monica, Munich, Manchester and Paris!

To help you understand what it’s like working here, we’ve interviewed one of our graduates, on the road to Senior Consultant already, who will explain why he chose our specialist technology brand Lawrence Harvey, (part of the LHi Group).

Where did you first hear about recruitment?

"Believe it or not it was my mum. I was coming to the end of my degree and not sure what to do.  Mum suggested recruitment as a good shout, she said she dabbled at it back in the day and could see me doing it."

Why did the job appeal to you?

"Money.  I was sold on the commission structure and the earning potential in such a short time.  I don’t think there is any other job that can allow a 22 year old to earn as much as they want.  Also, it is very meritocratic in the sense your earnings depends on how much you try."

What do you love about the job?

"I work in a really niche market in my role which really allows me to impact different businesses. It’s really cool to be in a position to be able to advise my clients and candidates of new market trends and new technologies and offer people new opportunities. And I love working here!

In under 12 months I’ve been skiing in Andorra and just got back from Barcelona with the company. 

Both of which I was able to go to because of the work that I’d put in.  In other industries I think it’s usually the people who’ve been there the longest who get to do the fun stuff but, in recruitment, it’s accessible to everyone. Oh, and Thursday nights are also great! "

What made you choose Lawrence Harvey?

"What really stood out to me was the culture and who I would be working with.  Not only that, but the training played a really big part in the decision.  I am not sure any other business like this offers the level of training the LHi does.  Jen Brown also played a big part and was by far and away the best internal recruiter I spoke to."

One year in, what challenges do you face now? 

"Still getting my head around the hours but you soon get used to it all.  Also staying motivated and not being complacent.  I’m also now looking at my next move into mentoring/management which will, in itself provide further challenge I’m sure…although one I’m really looking forward to.  I’ve built the market to a point where I can now take on my own graduate to train and develop and I’m really excited about that!"

Highlight of the year?

"By far flying out to Geneva to close a massive deal with a huge client, made all the more sweeter by my manager narrowly catching the flight out!"

What advice could you offer someone who is graduating this year and considering a career in recruitment?

"Don’t do it just for the sake of doing it.  It is really challenging and you will only stick it out if you are really motivated to stay and be successful and earn lots of money.  Work really hard, socialise and go out and be integrated but get your head down!"

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