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Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Posted by on 6/07/2017

Lhi life

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5 years? Time flies when you’re having fun!

Someone asked me earlier today if it felt like I had been here for five years. A question that was delivered as if five years was a long time… is it? With the average tenure for 25-34 year-olds being at 2.8 years.

It’s the old cliché that time flies when you’re having fun and recently, as I hit the 5-year milestone of working at LHi, I thought I’d put the theory to the test. So here goes:

It genuinely feels like yesterday that on day three of joining the business along with the rest of the company of 30-odd sales and operations staff I boarded a plane to Ibiza for the summer incentive trip. Like. It. Was. Yesterday. But sooooo much has happened since then, it’s nearly contradictory.

So here is why I think it feels like the time has flown:

When I joined LHi Group, or Lawrence Harvey as we were then, we had 1 office in London and focused on the IT and Oil & Gas sectors. We now have offices in London, Manchester, Munich, New York, Santa Monica and are about to launch in Paris. We have four non-competing brands under our LHi Group Ltd umbrella, Piper Maddox, Harper Harrison, Lawrence Harvey and SciPro. We operate in the Renewables, Built Environment, Technology and Life Sciences industries and in LHi, my team, we have a team of Operational experts covering Finance, Marketing, Compliance and HR. I get to work with some of the most talented operations and sales people I have yet to come across. What’s not to love?

Right, so where's the fun? The fun is in the challenge, the challenge of learning a new working culture and adapting whilst maintaining the elements that make us so special. The challenge is learning new employment legislations, rules and regulations in new countries. The challenge is uncovering the overall motivations of different workforces in order to attract talent in countries where I haven’t lived, let alone speak the language - why do people move jobs in France, vs. USA, Germany vs. Manchester?

The challenge is adapting training styles to ensure that learning is being embedded when the trainee’s first language isn't your own and the cultural differences can be so varied.

And the fun is in working for such an innovative, diverse and, dare I say it, friendly business. We might be 100+ heads but for me we still feel like a family, albeit a large one. We laugh together, we have fun together, we definitely fail together and when we win, we win big together.

Here's to the next big challenge/s and another 5 years! Bring on the 10 year Gift of Time, a Rolex or a month's paid sabbatical.

But, for now, I am enjoying my 5 year gift of the LHi Passport and need choose which office I'm going to spend an all expenses paid week in…

Hmmmm. Sun in Santa Monica? Spot of shopping in NYC or can I time this with Oktoberfest in Munich?

So, where should I visit? Let me know what you think! I’ll go with the majority…..