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"It's Amazing What You Can Achieve in 2 Years" by Paul Goldring

Posted by on 7/03/2018


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​Today, March 7th, marks my two year anniversary at Lawrence Harvey.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long or that a great deal has changed with me personally, but looking at things objectively I know that’s wrong.

Joining as a Senior Consultant, I thought I already had a pretty good idea of how to recruit, and especially how to build a contract book. In hindsight, this was just the tip of the iceberg and I had a hell of a long way to go in terms of success, and I still do.​​

Joining Lawrence Harvey has enabled me to achieve things that I thought would take decades, and put me well on my way to an extremely rewarding career.

To list just a few:

  • I was promoted twice last year and ultimately became one of only 3 Divisional Principals in LH’s 15-year history.

  • I started a new market in Insurance BI, growing from 0 to 30 contractors in 18 months.

  • I have hit all the major incentive trips including skiing in Andorra, Barcelona and, at the end of this month, the big one - Las Vegas!

  • Hit the top performers threshold to receive a fancy new watch (in case you were wondering, I didn’t pick the Rolex.)

  • Have sponsored an under 14 women’s football team in partnership with one of my clients (they’re not in the premier league yet but you just watch out for Pace Youth FC!)

  • Have had the opportunity to be managed by great leaders and be pushed and developed into a manager myself.

The environment at Lawrence Harvey is difficult to describe and I know only too well that culture and environment are something that all recruitment companies bang on about when they’re trying to market themselves. So, I’m not going to wax lyrical about the people, the socialising, the support, the encouragement, the celebrations, the laughs… I’ll just tell you, it is bloody cool working here (and that comes from an unemotional northerner) - so I’ll just leave it at that.

So, on this, my two year anniversary, I wanted to give thanks to all my clients and candidates and all my colleagues here at Lawrence Harvey and LHi Group, both Sales and Operations. Without all of you none of what I have achieved or how I feel about coming to work every day would have been possible.

What I’ve been allowed to achieve and grow at Lawrence Harvey has been one of the proudest accomplishments of my life, and the scary thing is, we’re only just getting started!

In the words of Mario Puzo author of The Godfather “great men are not born great, they grow great” and now it’s up to me to make my 3rd year at LH another one of the world’s greatest trilogies!

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