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"Why I chose Recruitment" with Verena Arendt

Posted by on 15/03/2018


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One week on from International Women's Day 2018, we're highlighting more successful women in the business and their motivations behind joining the Recruitment industry. This week Anne-Marie speaks with Verena Arendt from our Life Sciences brand, SciPro, out in the Munich office.

Verena is one of the top global performers within LHi Group, and an established Recruitment Consultant in her market and within the wider organisation.



Anne-Marie: "Why did you go into recruitment?"

Verena: "In most jobs, each employee at the same level gets the same money – regardless of his or her real commitment and performance. In recruitment you will see your reward for your activity very quickly, and that`s what I wanted."


Anne-Marie: "If you weren’t in recruitment, what would you be doing? What other industries did you look at?"

Verena: "I think I would do something very close to my personal passions like working with horses. When I think about it, this shows that recruiting for me is a very passionate job as I like to be able to show that in my work. I really like working as a headhunter."


Anne-Marie: "What has been your biggest challenge?"

Verena: "I think that the challenge at first was my mentality. After a while in recruitment you learn the tools of the industry and how to use them, and then it`s all dependent on your attitude and motivation. So the challenge for me now is to find a balance to this great but challenging job. So it`s great to work in a company like LHi, which gives you the option to learn, develop and maintain that balance."


Anne-Marie: "What has surprised you the most?"

Verena: "It surprised me that your successes are so dependent on how consistent, smart and active you are. When you understand what makes you good, the successes come automatically."

Anne-Marie: "Why did you choose LHi?"

Verena: "When I started at LHi it was still Lawrence Harvey. At hat time I had several offers from other recruiting companies in Munich, most of them big offices. I decided to take LHi because the office in Munich was quite new and small, and I knew that when once I established myself as a good recruiter, I will have the chance to become a very important part of this office and the entire organisation. I also really like that I'm  supported by everyone in the Munich office, and the rest of LHi."


Anne-Marie: "What do you think it takes to be a successful recruiter?"

Verena: "Your attitude! What are ready to give? What are you ready to do to be successful? focus – commitment – passion - professionality"


Anne-Marie: "What advice would you give to someone embarking on a career in recruitment?"

Verena: "You should know what your personal idea of success looks like. You should know that success will not come automatically. You need to be consistent and powerful in what you do, and you will be rewarded for it!"


Anne-Marie: "What do you love about working at LHi?"

Verena: "In addition to what i've already mentioned, it`s great to have a team and colleagues like ours. Because you are all in the same situation facing the same things together. They will support you from the minute you arrive, and you feel what it's like to be part of a great group of people."


Anne-Marie: "Who is your inspiration (in work & out or both)?"

Verena: "My inspiration are great characters who impress you through their personality and their work ethic. When you speak with them and you immediately know why they are successful in recruiting!"