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We're already breaking records in 2019.

Posted by on 29/07/2019

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Another year, another incredible start for LHi Group!

Lawrence Harvey, SciPro, Harper Harrison and Piper Maddox's start to 2019 has been an essential step in our growth as a business, and all 8 of our offices are firing on all cylinders!

The Group's growth from 2017 to 2018 showed a 37% improvement in gross profit, with 2019 already showing 60% overall growth this year so far.

In line with this, some key promotions within the business have facilitated the 2019 growth thus far, with Jim Denning promoted to 'Group Managing Director', Mike Bott promoted to 'Managing Director - USA' and Anne-Marie Butts promoted to 'Director - Head of People', amongst many more promotions around the entire Group.

As a 200+ people company, we've been able to deliver something 'phenomenal' in the words of Founder Tom Glanfield, and with 50% Equity of the company on offer, joining LHi Group has never looked more appealing!

If you're interested in how to join us and excel in your career as we continue to rapidly expand, email our People Team at recruitment@wearelhi.com, or get in touch with someone directly here, or contact one of our offices here.


Our People Team

Hiring for UK & Europe 
James Westwood - Talent Acquisition Specialist  |  j.westwood@wearelhi.com  |  +44 (0)161 667 3555
Rebecca Lalonde - Talent Acquisition Specialist  |  r.lalonde@wearelhi.com  |  +44 (0)203 929 5884
Francesca Ryan - Talent Acquisition Specialist  |  f.ryan@wearelhi.com  |  +44 (0)203 929 5907

Hiring for the USA
Yasmine Halim - Talent Acquisition Specialist  |  y.halim@wearelhi.com  |  +1 646 846 3367
Julia Zucco - Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist  |  j.zucco@wearelhi.com  |  +1 646 846 3364

Hiring for all locations

Anne-Marie Butts - Director, Head of People  |  a.butts@wearelhi.com  |  +44 (0)203 929 5892