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International Men's Day 2020: Interview with Stephen Earl

Posted by on 19/11/2020

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This year for International Men’s Day we conducted a series of interviews with some of the male leaders within LHi Group. Next up was Lawrence Harvey Manager, Stephen Earl.

​1. What has your journey as a leader been like at LHi?

Since going into management 12/18 months ago I have found it to be a tough yet exciting new experience. It really gave me the opportunity to develop my personal skills rather than just my sales skills as a biller. I love being able to share my experiences, be it the good or bad ones to give my team real-life examples of lessons I have learned in recruitment. From managing a team, I think I have become a lot more levelheaded due to having more responsibility and knowing how my attitude can affect those around me, so I try to be as positive as possible to have that mindset rub off onto my team.

2. As a role model in the group now, what advice would you give to your younger you?

Try to keep a positive attitude and treat any setbacks as lessons to be learned from in the future. Be accountable for setting realistic goals and celebrate hitting them but also analyse the occasions when they are not reached. This year from a physical health perspective, I have realised the importance of a better work/life balance and how being physically healthy can positively affect my mental health and confidence. But I think the most important thing I would tell the ‘Younger Me’ is to get rid of the mindset that it is seen as a weakness asking for help or advice. I would encourage myself to always be asking questions to those in the business with more experience than myself, take their advice and learn from their mistakes.

3. How do you think the culture has changed at LHi to improve health and wellbeing?

I think over the past couple of years LHi have come on leap and bounds to make health and wellbeing a priority in almost everything we do. I feel like we have so many initiatives, groups, and tools at our disposal to positively affect our well-being. Right now I can think of several things off the top of my head… there’s Run Club that started in the London office as a weekly thing but then went global during the first lockdown in the UK at the beginning of this year, Workout Wednesday/Transformation Tuesday’s that were and are running during lockdown, there was the Iron Man that a lot of people globally signed up to, The Great LHi Global Challenge that is running at the moment; where we are virtually travel (running, Walking, biking) the distance between all our global offices and there’s also the extra days holiday we get to use a charity day that can effect your mental wellbeing to make you feel like you are doing something positive for that chosen charity.