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15 YEARS at one company…..WHY?

Posted by Alana Cumming on 2/12/2022

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Written by Mike Bott (Chief Sales Officer)

It’s been a few weeks since my 15-year LHi anniversary, and I have had many messages from people wishing me well, saying congrats, but also asking me a lot of questions!

I absolutely love my job, I always have. Recruitment is bloody hard, but I quite like that aspect too. When you get it right, all that hard work is worth it. It’s just a great feeling, placing a candidate, winning a new client, making your first hire, building a new team, starting a new office, I just love the challenge. My aim is to leave the best legacy I can, it’s that simple for me.

So I thought this might be a good chance to answer a few questions, share some insight, and do a bit of reminiscing.                                                                               

Q: Why have you never moved companies?

This is without doubt the number 1 question. Many can’t believe that I have only worked for one recruitment company. However, the answer is very easy to articulate. I have actually worked for about 10 different companies, just all with the same name! We have evolved year on year both in performance and culture. That’s what also makes the next two, three, or four years so exciting as we go from 400 to 7,8,900!

Starting with a small eight or nine-person team in Tom Glanfield flat in Clapham, 1 Brand – Lawrence Harvey, to now 8 offices across the US, UK, and Germany, 400 LHi employees, four different Brands….. it's been quite a journey over 15 years. With this growth has come opportunity, which I have tried to take, taking risks of opening new markets, building new teams, opening new regions, new offices, and basically living outside of my comfort zone for the last 15 yrs. I haven’t had the chance to think about a different company, why would I even look? 

Q: What’s the best thing about working for LHi?

There are quite a few, but I guess the LHi people are the key reason. We as a business are looking to hire first and foremost, “good humans” that we then teach to recruit. This has not changed, and won’t change as we continue to expand. Giving “good humans” a clear vision, support, opportunity, inclusive environment, and wealth creation leads to an unbelievable culture. We are accountable to each other, no matter what level in the business, drive high performance, but make sure at all times, we look out for each other, and that really sets us apart as a business. You can walk into any office in the group and feel this from minute one, this is what makes us a true global family.  

Q: Have you ever messed up really badly?

YES! A few things I cannot put on paper, ask me after a glass of red or two, and I could go on and on! Growing up with the business from a 23 year old who thought he knew everything (cringe), to now a 38 year old (who understands he doesn’t know everything) has been interesting! How in hindsight I would change a million and one decisions, and do things differently. But that’s part of the journey, failing is important and ok, and learning from it is critical, this is how we develop, I preach this a lot. 

Q: How have you gone from Graduate to Board Level in one company?

I have worked hard. It sounds simple but I have committed 120% to the job, year in, year out. I am not by any means the best salesperson, or the best manager, I don’t have some secret recruitment superpower, but I do and will always work as hard as possible to achieve personal and company goals.

The 2nd reason is the teams I have hired and built, in the earlier days my role was simple, to try and make every person in my team better than me at the job (some might say that wasn’t that hard!). It’s the “younger you” philosophy we talk about so much in LHi. As my role expanded, backing and supporting my team through the good and hard times, giving them the belief to be the best versions of themselves really led to some amazing performances. Without the best people, none of this happens.

3rd is take on challenges, which can be building the best team possible in one location, or taking a leap of faith and throwing yourself into something new, that’s paid off quite well for me. I loved building the UK team in London HQ, making the move to start LHi USA from scratch in NYC, then moving again to Austin Texas to start our 3rd US office, and back to the UK to take a global role. The pandemic didn't help that much, adding two children into the mix too, but it's those adventures that really make it fun for me. In the right organization, you don’t need to move companies for that.  

Q: So what’s next?

This is where I get excited, as I am always someone who is looking forward. I like new and shiny. I keep telling all our graduates, we are just really getting started! With the announcement of the EOT Scheme which many still can’t believe is real (IT REALLY IS), our plans for expansion with new offices in 2023, and my firm belief that we are just scratching the surface of what we are truly capable of in our core markets, the next few years promise to be an incredible journey, and one that I am more motivated for than ever.

Hope this has provided a small insight into my journey, and answered a few questions for those that have asked. I am always open to talking through experiences (Good and Bad), drop me a message anytime.

I also just want to say thanks to LHi, all the people past and present that have helped me along the way, made it a load of fun, and offered me an incredible opportunity to date, I couldn’t be more grateful.

15 more …..?!?!?!?!?!

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