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Anne-Marie Butts

Anne-Marie Butts

CPO - Chief People Officer

Responsible for the growth of the group, I joined the business when we were one office, one brand, circa 40 heads. We are now eight offices, three countries and over 300 heads, that’s a lot of growth. 

I look after all things ‘People’ at LHi, from hiring and onboarding our next generation of LHi people, to ensuring that everyone in the group has equitable opportunities to progress their careers, in an inclusive environment. I am really passionate about the personal and professional development of everyone who works in the Group, providing opportunities for people to step outside of their comfort zones to experience real growth is always at the forefront of what we do at LHi, and I’m incredibly grateful and fortunate to have the chance to help our people achieve this, as I am grateful to have done this myself. 

My own recruitment career began as a recruiter placing graduates into the London recruitment market, working with agencies to develop their Graduate recruitment campaigns. It was here where I was first introduced to Lawrence Harvey who was then a 6-person team working out of an apartment in Clapham. As a client, I worked closely with Tom and his team to identify all levels of talent for the business and even placed current Chief Sales Officer; Mike Bott as a graduate in 2005. 

Something else...

One of those strange ‘morning’ people which I can probably attribute to 4.30am starts back in North Queensland working in the family horse racing stables. Not the most glamorous of starts to working life, nor good for a teenager’s social life but one that has given me an undying love of the beautiful animal and an inability to sleep in.