My LHi by Amie Capron

“It’s an environment where you are encouraged to grow and develop and treated as a business leader even if you have recently graduated.”


What were you doing before working here?

Working at Sthree as an IT recruiter.

What market do you cover?

Clinical Operations

Best thing about your market?

The people! They are all so kind and happy to explain any terms I don’t yet understand.

Why LHi?

Wow where to start, after being in the company 7 years it’s been through a number of changes and is essentially a completely different company to the one I joined.  Through all of this though they have still maintained their integrity and professionalism.  It’s an environment where you are encouraged to grow and develop and treated as a business leader even if you have recently graduated.

Favorite holiday destination?

Pre baby I would say Bali. Post Baby it would have to be the Porto Sani in Greece.  How times have changed!

What makes working here different?

It is a lot of fun, with endless amounts of opportunities.  I have been on a number of company trips including Las Vegas, Dubai, Ibiza, Croatia, St Anton etc.

Further to this it’s a really supportive environment.  As a working mother the company has allowed me a lot of flexibility to continue my career in recruitment and be a mum, I don’t know any other recruitment company that has allowed the same level of flexibility as what Lawrence Harvey has.

Which office will you make use of your LHi passport to visit when you hit the milestone?

New York, I have never been and am desperate to go – I would love to see all the LHi crew over there as well.  A few of them I have worked with for years since the very first office and miss them in the London office.

What’s been your biggest achievement at LHi?

There is a few… top biller 3 years in a row, setting up the Oil and Gas division, getting achieving my Rolex target from Tom.

What has a career in recruitment given you in terms of life goals? I’ve bought a house which is nearly mortgage free, I’ve started a family and will be able to give my son the upbringing that I want him to have.

Tell us one thing you remember about your first day in the business?

There was only about a handful of people in the company when I joined and the office was in a council estate in Clapham.  All I remember is that the toilet was on the sales floor which was a communal one – we really have come a long way since then!!

If you were writing your autobiography what would you call it?

Never give up.

If LHi were an animal, what animal would we be and why?

A goat, they are sturdy, agile animals that have the ability to climb and balance in precarious places. They can handle any situation!