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We take a considerate approach to hiring, both internally and externally.

Diverse teams are inherently more creative and innovative. Diverse teams generate better ideas and are able to challenge the status quo; drawing on a wide range of individual experiences to offer holistic solutions; both internally and to our external clients, candidates and partners.

How we approach hiring interally.

Internally, at LHi, our hiring approach is firmly grounded in our belief in diversity and inclusion. We understand that a diverse workforce brings a wealth of perspectives and ideas, crucial for our success. Our culture is built on inclusivity, with leaders across our global offices committed to supporting our diversity initiatives and networks. We believe in embracing differences to drive innovation and progress within our organisation.

How we take on hiring for our clients.

At LHi, diversity hiring for our clients is integral to our ethos. All consultants undergo training in Salary Bias and Sexual Harassment, and we actively recruit from minority groups, striving for a gender ratio of 50:50. We attend D&I events within our specialist sectors, sponsor networking events, and have built a gender-filtered database. Our diverse advertising outlets and virtual round table discussions with industry leaders further bolster our efforts. Internally, Diversity and Inclusion mentors educate our staff, while our involvement in LinkedIn groups provides insights into industry challenges. Collaborating closely with clients, we organise bespoke events to promote diversity and have invested in technology for more inclusive hiring. Our commitment to diverse hiring isn't just a pledge; it's woven into our core, ensuring inclusive workforces reflective of our diverse communities.


Introducing ‘LHi-IN’, our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging initiative to build community at work.

LHi-IN embodies our commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, central to our organisational ethos. It promotes an environment where diverse perspectives are valued, fostering creativity and innovation. Through LHi-IN, we champion diversity initiatives globally, ensuring fairness and respect for all. Inclusion is fundamental, promoting support and celebrating success while rejecting non-inclusive behaviours. With the collective dedication of our leadership and staff, LHi-IN drives our mission for an inclusive workplace where everyone thrives.

Supporting professionals in the early stages of their careers.
Our Communities

LHi-IN is made up of eight different communities that have community leaders to help foster inclusion and create a safe space for those community members. They include:

Behind the scenes.