Finding great people is what we do.

We are an employee-owned group of international non-competing recruitment brands working in the most cutting-edge markets in the world.

Our Brands

We act as a global talent partner, linking specialists with organisations in the world's leading industries, and fostering connections within transformative markets.

Explore our recruitment and talent brands based in London, Bristol, Munich, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Austin and Miami.

Our Vision

We're a global Group of talented people. We're led by our Vision, an identity, purpose and mission that unifies our people under one common direction.

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Our Philosophies

What gives LHi Group that stardust?

At the core of LHi Group lies a commitment to fostering a culture built on our 'good human', 'future you' and 'younger you' philosophies. With a focus on empowering each other, putting the needs of the group above your own and generally doing the right thing, these resonate with each LHi'er and are something we are proud to have to guide us.

Why Join Us?

Your journey matters here.

Joining LHi Group is an invitation to become part of an employee-owned business that values individual growth and collective success. LHi has always been a values-driven business but since the introduction of the EOT (Employee-Owned Trust) in 2022, we have magnified our inclusive culture by providing a vehicle for everyone to have a say as everyone has a stake in the business. This in turn inspires a highly connected and collaborative working environment, where everyone is working towards the same goal.

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Here you can choose anywhere. We are a global business with local expertise.

We give you the tools to succeed.

Your career journey is unique to you.  At LHi Group, we provide an array of opportunities to align with your personal and professional goals.  Whether you have aspirations to relocate internationally, focus on client and commercial strategy fostering long-term relationships, develop your leadership skills to manage people, focus on your own recruitment business, or embed yourself in the operational backbone of the group, we offer diverse routes to accommodate your professional ambitions. Our commitment is to empower you to navigate a career path that resonates with your skills and interests, ensuring a fulfilling and rewarding journey within the LHi family.

Tailored Career Path

Our Global L&D team are dedicated to ensuring that every person in our organisation is supported in their current role and is developing towards the next step in their career. Through our structured 'LAUNCH' training program, your development journey will include a blend of group training sessions, one-on-one coaching, and technical skill development, all designed with your unique learning style in mind and delivered by expert trainers and highly experienced leaders.

Dedicated Learning & Development Team

Celebrating success and rewarding our people is what we do. Our incentives celebrate key individual and group milestones, recognising achievements and loyalty. Enjoy an extra five days of holiday after three years of service, when you reach the five-year mark, let the LHi Passport take you on a journey to one of our global offices where you will enjoy a week experiencing a different culture. For a decade of outstanding service, is the Gift of Time – choose between a luxury watch or a one-month sabbatical. Throughout your journey, relish the Quarterly Lunch Club incentives as well as having the opportunity to book your place on trips to the likes of South Africa (below), the Bahamas, South of France or Las Vegas.  At LHi Group, we value your dedication and strive to make every step of your journey with us memorable and rewarding.


We understand that every LHi'er is at the heart of our success, and we are dedicated to providing comprehensive benefits that enhance every aspect of your life. We believe that a fulfilling career goes hand-in-hand with a balanced and thriving personal life. As you delve into your LHi journey, you'll discover how our carefully crafted benefits not only enrich your experience within the workplace but also extend their positive impact on your life beyond the office doors.

In Germany, the UK and the USA, our benefits packages are bespoke to the needs of someone in each location, however, all include Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP), medical insurance, enhanced holiday and PTO allowances and enhanced maternity and family allowances. We provide personal, financial and well-being support throughout your career journey. 

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