Making a real impact: Our charity efforts so far in 2024

Making a real impact: Our charity efforts so far in 2024
By Alana Cumming
July 9, 2024
6 mins read
Making a real impact: Our charity efforts so far in 2024

At LHi Group, we're dedicated to making a real difference in the communities where we operate. Since January, each of our offices have partnered with a local charity of their choice, dedicating their efforts to raise funds, awareness, and actively contribute to meaningful causes. As we reflect on the first half of 2024, here’s a glimpse into what our offices have achieved so far this year and what’s ahead:


Miami Office: Partnering with Camillus House

Our Miami office, the newest addition to LHi Group, has teamed up with Camillus House, an organisation dedicated to supporting Miami-Dade County's homeless community with essential services like food, shelter, and healthcare. This partnership reflects the team's passion for making a positive impact right in their local community.


Despite their smaller size, Miami has shown incredible dedication in fundraising during the first half of 2024. Events like sponsored leprechaun races, trivia nights, and office fines have not only raised funds but also strengthened team bonds.


Looking ahead, they’re gearing up for even more exciting initiatives in the second half of the year. From beach cleanups to mini-golf tournaments, they’re committed to further supporting Camillus House and connecting with the community.


To donate and support the Miami office's efforts, click here.



Bristol Office: Partnering with Avon Needs Trees

In alignment with our Piper Maddox brand, dedicated to clean energy recruitment, the Bristol office has chosen to support Avon Needs Trees, a local charity focused on reforestation. Avon Needs Trees purchases land to create natural woodlands, contributing to a sustainable future.


In the first half of 2024, the Bristol team has been fully behind Avon Needs Trees with various fun activities. They started the year with lively poker nights and used their charity day to help maintain trees with the charity. They've also run Euro sweepstakes and lottery events to raise money and spread awareness.


Looking ahead, the Bristol office has big plans to keep supporting Avon Needs Trees. They're all about community-driven sustainability, embodying our values of taking care of the environment and engaging with our community, and will be taking part in tree planting later in the year.


To support Bristol's efforts with Avon Needs Trees, click here.



Austin Office: Supporting Dell Children’s Comprehensive Fetal Care Center

This year, the Austin office has been all about supporting Dell Children’s Comprehensive Fetal Care Center, the only facility of its kind in Central Texas for complex fetal conditions. They chose this charity because it plays a vital role in the community by providing essential healthcare services to everyone, regardless of financial circumstances.


Austin kicked off the year with some impressive fundraising efforts. They hosted a fun race night with friends and family, came up with clever office fines, and organised exciting Easter egg hunts. These activities not only raised crucial funds but also brought the team closer together and got the whole office involved.


Looking ahead to the rest of the year, the Austin team is planning even more activities to support Dell Children’s Comprehensive Fetal Care Center. They’re focusing on environmental conservation too, showing their dedication to making a positive impact on the community in every way they can.


To donate to the Austin office’s chosen charity, Dell Children’s Comprehensive Fetal Care Center, click here.



New York Office: Supporting the GO Project

For the past two years, the New York office has been proudly supporting the GO Project, an organisation dedicated to fostering child development from elementary through high school in New York City. This initiative provides crucial resources to underprivileged children near our office.


Last year, over 20 of our New York LHi'ers dedicated their charity day to actively participate in classrooms and interact directly with the children. This summer, they're excited to deepen their involvement in the local community, showcasing our office's ongoing commitment to making a meaningful difference.


In the first half of 2024, the New York team has achieved significant milestones, surpassing their halfway fundraising goal. They've organised activities such as race nights, park cleanups, and Valentine’s Day sales. Looking ahead, the team is gearing up for more community events and fundraising efforts in the second half of the year, ensuring their impact continues to grow.


To donate to the New York office’s chosen charity, the GO Project, click here



Berlin Office: Supporting Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe

Berlin has teamed up with Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe, a charity dedicated to helping the homeless community in Berlin. They provide vital services like shelter, food, and medical aid to those in need. So far in 2024, our Berlin office has been busy organising fundraising events such as taking part in half marathons and running bake sales.


Looking ahead, they're gearing up for community cleanups and charity volleyball matches. These efforts highlight their dedication to making a positive difference in the local community and supporting those who need it most.


To donate to the Berlin office’s chosen charity, Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe, click here.



London office: Supporting Designability

Our London office teamed up with Designability, a charity focused on improving the lives of people with disabilities through innovative products. Building on SciPro London’s past collaborations, we’re doubling down on raising awareness and support for Designability's impactful work.


In the first half of the year, our London team showed incredible dedication to fundraising. They ran marathons, hosted run clubs, and even conquered a grueling 100km ultra marathon. Their fundraising also included Euro sweepstakes and fun Easter egg hunts.


Looking ahead, London is gearing up for boat parties on the Thames, bake sales, and multiple half marathons. These activities not only aim to raise funds but also strengthen our team’s community culture.


To donate to the London office’s chosen charity, Designability, click here.



Munich Office: Partnering with Stiftung Kleine Helden

In Munich, the office is teaming up with Stiftung Kleine Helden to make a real difference in the lives of children facing serious illnesses. This charity provides crucial support and resources to help kids during tough times, and we're thrilled to be part of their mission.


So far in 2024, our Munich team has been busy organising Euro action events and other fundraisers to support Stiftung Kleine Helden. Looking ahead, we've got some exciting plans lined up, like river cleanups, cake sales, and even a rooftop fundraising event. These activities aren't just about raising money; they're also about spreading awareness and showing support for the amazing work Stiftung Kleine Helden does for children and families in need.


To donate to the Munich office’s chosen charity, Kleine Helden, click here.


Los Angeles: Advocating for Heart Health with the American Heart Association

In 2024, our LA office teamed up with the American Heart Association, inspired by Imogen Simpkin's personal connection to the cause as she honours her father's memory. They're all about promoting healthy habits and educating on heart health, from physical wellness to mental health, stress management, and life-saving CPR training.


LA's been off to a fantastic start this year, already exceeding half their fundraising goal. They've been busy with everything from golf days and sunset silent discos to heart-themed trivia nights. Looking ahead, they're gearing up to make an even bigger impact in the second half. They'll be taking part in CPR training to spread awareness, getting involved in tree planting and community clean-ups for the environment, and planning fun events like gala dinners and concerts. And word has it, there's another exciting silent disco on the horizon after their last big hit!


To donate to the LA office’s chosen charity, American Heart Association, click here.




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