Empowering diversity globally: the relaunch of LHi-IN

Empowering diversity globally: the relaunch of LHi-IN
By Alana Cumming
July 26, 2023
7 mins read
Empowering diversity globally: the relaunch of LHi-IN

​At LHi Group, we believe that diversity, inclusion, and belonging are not just buzzwords but are the heart and soul of our workplace. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our newly refreshed Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging strategy; ‘LHi-IN’. 


So what is LHi-IN? 

LHi-IN serves as a platform, enriching diversity and inclusion for everyone within our LHi-Group and beyond. Inclusion is deeply ingrained as a core value at LHi Group, encouraging a supportive, and celebratory atmosphere that stands against negativity, and promoting a vibrant and united community. We want to continue to acknowledge and celebrate our differences and unique perspectives while creating an environment that allows all individuals to harness their innate creativity and innovation.


Through the collaboration of our diverse global workforce and our commitment to diversity initiatives, we strengthen our business for the future, attracting and retaining top talent, delivering exceptional service to our customers, and achieving sustainable growth. 


Watch our leaders delve into greater detail about LHi-IN and its incredible communities, and discover how they embrace the LHi-IN philosophy and lead by example: 



As our Leadership team highlighted in the video, taking the pledge, "I'm IN," demonstrates our support for all diversity initiatives, networks, groups, and programs under LHi-IN, driving our diversity and inclusion journey to new heights. And so, to further develop this journey and demonstrate our support, we have put together a resource hub filled with topical podcasts, articles, and videos that relate to each community's interests and concerns, encouraging continuous learning and a deeper understanding of the issues at hand. 


Our LHI-iN Networks 

Our community-based approach ensures that specific needs and concerns are addressed through various networks, each dedicated to fostering inclusivity in different areas. These communities include: 

  • HEADSTART - Supporting professionals in the early stages of their careers.
  • CAN - Celebrating Neurodiversity and empowering different perspectives across the business in an inclusive environment.
  • WIN - Supporting the hiring and development of females within the business.
  • PACE - A safe environment for those with dependants to discuss the challenges they face.
  • SEE - Focusing on our sustainability, environmental and ethical responsibilities as a company.
  • POWER - Driving a proud and 'out' workplace for employees in recruitment.
  • MIND - Understanding and supporting employee mental health.
  • ROOTS - Promoting a culturally diverse workforce. 


Within each of our networks, we've appointed two dedicated community leaders—one based in UK/Europe and the other in the US—to spearhead inclusivity and drive positive change within their respective communities, ensuring an environment where everyone feels valued and included. 



So, #imIN, are you?

Behind the scenes.