Harper Harrison on the rise

Harper Harrison on the rise
By Del Connolly
September 21, 2022
5 mins read
Harper Harrison on the rise

I always get asked during interviews what makes LHi and Harper Harrison so different and so special to work for. 


And like most things surrounding the culture of organisations, there are certain things that aren’t tangible. We refer to it as that “stardust” which you can’t necessarily see but you can 100% feel. And you really can feel it sprinkled across every office within the LHi group. 


It’s not about the incentives, the commission structure, and the ability to have an outstanding career path - although take it from me, that’s there in abundance. 


Instead, it starts from the first time you engage with us through our industry-leading Talent Acquisition team or when you walk through one of the doors at any of our eight offices. 


The warmth of that reception is palpable. I believe we make people feel at home extremely quickly. We aim to give people that safe place to be truly confident and to quickly develop that belief that we have in every one of our employees; that you can be successful. That coupled with outstanding training at every level of the hierarchy, we feel allows people to be the best version of themselves. And that’s what drives us as leaders of the business. 


But it’s not just the start of the journey that you will feel that warmth. I’ve never been a part of a sales business until LHi where each brand and office root for each other and celebrate the success of others with such sincerity. And this isn’t just from the person sitting around you, it’s from people within the wider business. It’s good for the soul! 


Specific to Harper Harrison, I believe we have a mini micro-culture in play. It’s that irresistible combination of being the smallest and one of the fastest-growing brands amongst SciPro, Lawrence Harvey, and Piper Maddox who all make up what is the powerhouse of LHi USA. 


You have that ability to be at the start of the journey and to create a real legacy as we quickly scale the brand to be one of the leading brands across the Built Environment industry. We want people to come on this adventure and create this legacy with us. You can say in years to come that you were one of the first through the Harper Harrison USA door and you played a huge part in creating something special that will be around for longer than we will. How cool is that? And how many people can say that?! 


You will feel that special bond across offices. That shared vision and those shared values across the brand will build that long-lasting business and in doing so, build long-lasting friendships far beyond the sales floor. 


It’s a diverse team. A real mix of beliefs and backgrounds. It’s a team that takes their craft seriously, and themselves less so. We celebrate together and in sales, I won’t hide that at times we commiserate together. But you can’t win them all! 


But I know you’re thinking that I’m just biased, right? I do understand if you are… 


Therefore, I hope the following helps back up some of my claims! We have recently placed as the 40th Best Workplace in NYC by “Great Places to Work” and “Fortune Magazine” and an even more impressive placing of No. 1 Recruitment firm on that list. In addition, our UK offices have experienced similar success in 2021, placing 1st as the Best Recruitment Company to work for in the UK in a similar “Best Companies” & “Sunday Times” survey and an incredible 7th place overall across the UK. 


There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in our business. If you would like to know more and be part of our journey, reach out to our Harper Harrison Team today at hello@harperharrison.com  

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