In those shoes | S1 E2

In those shoes | S1 E2
By James Westwood
April 28, 2024
47 Minutes
In those shoes | S1 E2

In episode two, we're given a fascinating insight into the journey of one of LHi’s shining lights, Sam Keay. Industry expert, industry leader, and all-around good human, Sam walks us through her journey from humble begins to the bright lights, city heights of NYC.

From entering recruitment to transitioning industry, relocating to the US to making NYC her home. We deep dive into the journey of one of our most successful recruiters in recent years within the US. Discussing what the ‘Younger You’ philosophy means to Sam, what life is really like in NYC and what the year ahead has in store.

Since joining LHi Group in 2016, Samantha’s career has been on a constant upward trajectory. After two years working for our Technology brand in London, Lawrence Harvey, the dream of moving internationally became a reality. From joining a team of four within E-Mobility to leading 30 across the entirety of the Renewable Energy and Cleantech Sector in NYC and being a pivotal part in the growth of 70+ consultants across the US.

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