Our philosophies have been developed organically over the years and all our people to leave a legacy within the group. They’ve helped shape the business we are today.

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Originating from a 2018 leadership summit, before Jim Denning became CEO of LHi Group, he introduced the "Younger You" philosophy, now ingrained in our company culture, emphasising the importance of leaders connecting with their early career selves.

Originating from a 2018 leadership summit, the "Younger You" philosophy has guided LHi towards a 'people-first' approach, prioritising the hiring, development, and retention of 'good humans'.

Our leaders abide by a simple mantra: "The journey for those coming after us must be better, happier, and smoother."

This philosophy is symbolised by our 'Younger You' white Converse trainers where each LHi’er receives a pair when they reach a certain management level, stamped with the year they began their career—a tangible reminder to walk in the shoes of our 'Younger You'.

Embracing the 'Younger You' philosophy means never forgetting the journey from uncertainty to confidence, and ensuring those who follow have a smoother path to success.

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Bobby DeMarco Jr.
Vice President
SciPro, Los Angeles
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Our future you concept is based around one of the big aspects of LHi, of getting people to step outside their comfort zone and chase their dreams. 

The goal is to make those dreams a reality. 

Far often our dreams never become a reality as there is quite often a financial barrier stopping us… Mortgage payments, children to look after or student debts. But with our EOT journey we are currently on, hopefully this will help every LHi’er break through that financial barrier. 

So, as a group, we’re all working towards making LHi being the best business it can be, a people first business, where LHi may not be the final destination for everyone but a stop along the way that helped our ‘good humans’ achieve their dreams.

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