In those shoes | S1 E3

In those shoes | S1 E3
By Melissa Reid
May 28, 2024
43 Minutes
In those shoes | S1 E3

In this podcast episode, we dive deep into Greg McCrudden's recruitment journey from London to Berlin, exploring his successes, challenges, and key learnings along the way. Greg shares insights into our Berlin office and its offerings, recounts his entry into recruitment with LHi, and discusses the transition from the UK to the German market. He also reflects on how LHi's values and philosophies resonate with him, the legacy he aims to build, and what life in Berlin is truly like. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the dynamics of career growth and cross-border recruitment success.

Anyone who knows Greg in the business will be first to say he has a huge part to play in the company culture, his vibrant personality and work ethic has seen his career soar from graduate to leader within three years, along with a relocation from our London to Berlin office! From joining a large, established team, to starting out again in a new market and city, we cover the highs and lows of ‘’new beginnings’’ and what this looks like at LHi.

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