LHi London is supporting Designability's Mission: Building a Better Future for Disabled Children

LHi London is supporting Designability's Mission: Building a Better Future for Disabled Children
By Alana Cumming
April 1, 2024
4 mins read
LHi London is supporting Designability's Mission: Building a Better Future for Disabled Children

Every year, our global offices select a charity of their choice to support in raising funds and awareness. This year, our London office chose to collaborate with Designability to help make a difference.



Designability is a charitable organisation dedicated to crafting medical devices and products aimed at aiding disabled individuals in their daily lives. The Wizzybug stands out as an electric wheelchair tailored specifically for preschool children facing conditions like cerebral palsy or spinal muscular atrophy, which limit their mobility.


Recently, Laura Hulley, Principal Consultant at SciPro, our life sciences recruitment brand, spoke with Matthew Ford, Head of Engineering and Design at Designability. Together, they shed light on the remarkable work being done by Designability, particularly focusing on one of their transformative products, the Wizzybug.

During their conversation, Matt shared insights into his journey and his pivotal role at Designability. He highlighted the challenges the organisation encounters and outlined ways individuals can contribute to providing support for more young disabled children to access the Wizzybug.



  • Matt, with an industrial design background and a passion for meaningful impact, heads Engineering and Design at Designability, overseeing user research, product design, and manufacturing.
  • Founded in 1968 by Engineer Bevan Horstmann and Surgeon Kenneth Lloyd-Williams, Designability initially focused on pediatric medical equipment before transitioning to products for people with disabilities.
  • The Wizzybug, launched in 2005, empowers children with mobility and independence, positively impacting their lives.
  • Designability's national loan scheme provides Wizzybugs free of charge to families with disabled children, aiming to reach the next 1000th loan by 2026 through manufacturing expansion and enhanced outreach efforts.



There are a number of ways to support Designability, from organising fundraising events to donating to the cause and raising awareness. So far this year at LHi London, we have had Easter egg hunts, fundraising for our very own Nick Mahoney’s ultra marathon, with lots of events coming in this quarter including an LHi sports day, themed movie night, Euro’s sweepstake, payday lottery, and lots more.

We aim to raise the funds to provide a child with a Wizzybug, with each Wizzybug costing £5,000. Your sponsorship can make a real difference in helping another family and contributing to Designability's mission.



For more information on how to support Designability:

Visit our LHi’s fundraising page  to donate to our chosen London charity 2024

Visit the Designability website

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