The LHi way: Building A Culture Of Difference-Makers

The LHi way: Building A Culture Of Difference-Makers
By Alana Cumming
May 22, 2024
5 mins read
The LHi way: Building A Culture Of Difference-Makers

Recently, our CEO Jim Denning appeared on The Leader Show, a podcast hosted by Lou Carter, CEO of Most Loved Workplace®. Jim's journey from starting at Huntress Group in 2006 to becoming the CEO of LHi Group in 2020 has been nothing short of inspirational. His diverse experiences across the UK, EUR, and the US have massively influenced his leadership style, which is rooted in the concepts of “Younger You” and “Future You.” During the episode, he touches on the importance of being a "good human" and shares insights into his journey and leadership philosophies that have driven LHi’s success.


Preserving “Stardust”: Leadership and Hiring at LHi Group

During the podcast, Jim and Lou discussed the challenges of maintaining LHi’s unique culture, or “stardust,” as we call it. He talks about the importance of clear communication and ethical hiring practices to preserve this identity.


"The stardust is fragile and can easily dissipate during expansion. Our strategy is to ensure that every new hire aligns with our values and represents our brand authentically," Jim noted.


LHi’s commitment to hiring “good humans” who resonate with the company’s ethos is central to our recruitment strategy. This approach helps sustain a vibrant and cohesive company culture, even as we grow and enter new markets.


Embracing “Younger You” and “Future You” to Foster Growth and Empathy

Jim’s leadership philosophies, “Younger You” and “Future You,” are foundational to LHi’s success. To find out more about these philosophies, click here. Inspired by the New Zealand rugby team’s ethos of leaving the jersey in a better place, “Younger You” focuses on providing support to new hires, recognising the inherent challenges in recruitment.


"We aim to create an environment where new hires can thrive despite these challenges. It’s about empathy and ensuring that the work environment is as supportive as one would want for their own child," Jim elaborated.


The “Future You” philosophy encourages employees to pursue their aspirations, aligning personal and professional growth. This is particularly significant in LHi’s employee-owned structure, which fosters a sense of ownership and commitment among employees.


"We engage with our team members about their aspirations and support them in progressing towards these goals within and potentially beyond the company," Jim said.


The Impact of becoming an Employee Ownership Trust at LHi Group

Jim also discussed the role of LHi’s Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) in maintaining a strong company culture. He acknowledged the challenges but highlighted the benefits of this structure in promoting accountability and feedback.


"The EOT has created numerous opportunities for feedback and accountability, crucial for maintaining our culture. We ensure that employees feel they are progressing, which contributes to a positive and engaging workplace," Jim explained.


Jim emphasises the importance of transparency and receptiveness to feedback from all levels within the company. This open communication helps sustain the “stardust” that defines LHi’s unique culture.


"Being transparent about mistakes and the steps taken to correct them fosters a feedback-rich environment essential for our culture," Jim concluded.


To listen to the full episode, click the link here.

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